kissing under the mistletoe (requested) 


You had had some friends over for a pre christmas dinner. You had spent all day with Zayn decorating and preparing. When everyone came over, it was a blast. The food was great and the party was fun and lively. There was even mistletoe and, when you thought nobody was watching, Zayn decided to sneak a kiss. Your good friend Tyler managed to sneak a picture, and tweeted it and wrote ‘@Y/T/N and @zaynmalik taking full advantage of the mistletoe #tistheseason’.


To celebrate Christmas in Docaster, you decided to dress up as Mrs. Clause and hand out gifts to Daisy and Phoebe. They still believed, and you loved to play it up and have fun with them. After you had given them everything, you went to change. Before you could get there, Louis met you under the mistletoe and you two kissed. Charlotte took a picture and tweeted it, captioning it with ‘@LouisTomlinson and @Y/T/N i mean, Mrs Clause kissing under the mistletoe #donttellsanta’.


Liam had been invited to a Christmas party by a friend, and you went with him. You two were having a blast, able to thoroughly enjoy the party. Nobody there was making a huge deal about you and Liam, and that made the night even more fun. As you went to get another drink, Liam grabbed you and pulled you under the mistletoe. You kissed him, and one of the girls at the party took your picture. She tweeted it, and wrote ‘@Y/T/N and @Real_Liam_Payne kissing underneath the mistletoe! such a cute couple xx


It was Christmas eve and Harry had invited the boys over so they could give each other their gifts. You had baked some homemade treats for them to eat while they were over, and you were enjoying the celebration with them. As you went to go get more chocolate chip cookies, Harry stopped you in the doorway. He pointed up before pulling you into a kiss. Niall took a picture, and tweeted it, saying ‘@Harry_Styles n @Y/T/N taking xmas to a whole new level! thats gross guys!


Niall had agreed to help you and your roommate Valerie decorate. It would be your last Christmas together before she moved to Dublin, and you wanted to make it special. You were hanging up pictures of Santa and reindeer when you felt a tap on your shoulder. Niall was standing there, holding a mistletoe above your head. He grabbed you by the waist and kissed you. Valerie took a picture and tweeted it. She wrote ‘so sad to be spending my last xmas with @Y/T/N but at least i know she’s in good hands with @NiallOfficial’.

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