he accidentally hurts your feelings (requested) 

Niall: Rather than going with Niall to Liam’s, you spent the night cleaning. You went crazy, washing the walls and cleaning the appliances. Niall finally returned after you had finally sat down to watch a movie. “Why hello” you smiled, and he kissed your forehead. “I brought Nandos” he said, sliding you a bag and a drink. “Thanks babe, I haven’t eaten” you said, pulling your meal out. You and Niall ate. He finished before you did, and got up, leaving all his garbage on the table. You immediately got frustrated. It was like Niall never noticed you doing things around the house. You felt unappreciated and undervalued. You slid your food away and stormed to your room. “Y/N?” Niall asked as you walked away, but you ignored him. You slammed the bedroom door and sat on the chair in the corner of your room. A few seconds later, Niall walked in. “Did something happen?” he asked, looking at you curiously. “Well, you clearly didn’t notice how much work I put into the house or you don’t care, because you left your mess on the table” you snapped, and Niall looked at the floor. “Sorry Y/N, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I would have put it away, I did notice what you did. I feel awful” he said, and you nodded. It wasn’t fair for you to get this mad over something simple. “It’s okay Niall, it’s just been a really long day” you said. Niall came over and slid in beside you, hugging you close. “I really do appreciate all you do” he said, and you smiled. “Thanks babe” you replied, kissing his shoulder.

Louis: Wanting to get out of the house, you and Louis drove to Richmond Park to go for a walk. You two took to the trails, hand in hand, taking in the beauty of all the parks. You even packed sandwiches and drinks to eat while in the park. “This has been a really nice day” you said, and Louis pulled your hand up and kissed it. “Honestly, I love nature” you said, and Louis turned to you. He grabbed your cheeks and smirked. “You still love nature even after what it did to this” he said, moving your face back and forth. You knew he was joking, but you were hurt. It was a mean thing to say, and sometimes you couldn’t take Louis’s jokes. You shook your head out of his hands and took off speed walking down the path. “Y/N, I was kidding!” Louis called after you, and you held your hand up and shook your head. You rushed to the car and sat shotgun. You stared out the window, trying to mentally prepare for how awkward this car ride home was going to be. You heard the car door open, and Louis slide into the seat.”Is it something I said?” he joked, and you turned and glared at him. “So you’re really super mad?” Louis said, and you nodded slowly. “You know I think you’re beautiful. You know that!” Louis said, and you shook your head. “I thought you knew I was joking” he said, and you shook your head again. “Y/N, babe, you know I think you are beautiful. I was kidding around. I sometimes forget that I need to be more cautious around you. I’m so sorry. Y/N, please” he begged, and you turned to him. “Okay, but seriously Louis” you started, but Louis interrupted you with a kiss. “Never again” he mumbled, before he started the car and driving off.

Harry: You and Harry were out to dinner, trying to have a nice night together before he got busy with a media tour. You were having some wine and chatting with Harry, enjoying the last little while where all he had to focus on was you. “Alright, would you two like to order?” the waitress asked, and you nodded at Harry to go first. “I will have the steak, medium rare, with the potatoes and veg” he said, and the waitress nodded as she wrote. “I think I will just get the small bowl of rigatoni parmesan, I am not that hungry” you said, and the waitress smiled. “Are you sure, Y/N?” Harry asked, and you glanced at him. “What? Why?” you said, giving him a weird look. “Well, I mean, you tend to eat more than that. I have never seen you eat so little. You don’t want a side?” he asked, and you were shell shocked. The waitress shuffled awkwardly, and you shook your head. “I’ll be back with your food later” she said, walking away quickly. Harry, not noticing the tension, sipped his beer. You glared at him until he looked up. “You know you’re going to be hungry after” he chuckled, and you cringed. He wasn’t getting it. You felt like you were going to cry, so you got up and walked towards the bathroom. You went towards the door, when you felt an arm push you into the men’s room. “What the hell?” you asked, turning to Harry. He guided you into a stall. “Did I do something? Because I don’t know what happened back there” he said, a little aggravation in his voice. “Umm, you made me seem like a fat ass in front of that waitress” you said, pointing out to the dining room. “I didn’t mean it like that, she didn’t think of it like that” Harry said, and you could tell he was slightly horrified. “Oh no? Then why did she go tense and stiff as a board?” you asked, and Harry looked at you sympathetically. “I am so sorry Y/N, I never thought of it like that at all. I never would have said anything. I just didn’t want you to think you couldn’t order what you wanted” he said, and you nodded. You knew it wasn’t Harry’s intention. You hugged him and he squeezed you tight. He made a point to tell you something positive about yourself every time the waitress came over.

Liam: To say you were feeling sensitive was an understatement. You had just broken out, and you were very weary of wanting to go out. You woke up in the morning, and turned to Liam. He smiled, but you could see him staring at your pimples. “Good morning” he said, and you smiled. “Morning babe” you said, and you both rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom. You stood in front of your sinks and started doing the normal morning routines. Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Liam handing you his facewash. “This works really good for-“ Liam started, but you didn’t let him finish. Instead, you stormed out of the washroom. You could hear Liam following you, but you ignored it. He tried to turn you around, and you shook him off. Finally, you got to the other bathroom and you slammed the door. A few seconds later, you heard Liam start singing. “You’re insecure, don’t know what for. You’re turning heads when you walk through the do-oh-or. Don’t need makeup, to cover up, being the way that you are is enough-ough-ough” he sang, much slower than the original, and you opened the door a crack. “Everyone else in the world can see it, everyone else but you. Y/N you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flip your hair makes me overwhelmed and when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell you don’t know-oh oh. You don’t know you’re beautiful” he sang, and you flung the door open and jumped in his arms. You knew he was just trying to help and you couldn’t stay mad at him for that. “Sorry baby” he whispered, hugging you tight. “It’s okay, thanks for the song” you whispered back, kissing his neck.

Zayn: You, Zayn and a few friends decided to hang out and play board games. You all played a game of Life, Battleship and Pictionary. Then, Zayn took out Scrabble. “Okay, let’s make teams” Zayn said, and you smiled. You secretly loved Scrabble. “Okay, I’ll be captain and Y/N you be captain” Zayn said, and your smile faded. “You don’t want to be on my team?” you laughed, standing up. “Not for this. I want a team I know will be good. I want to win” he laughed, and you tilted your head. “So you’re saying I won’t be any good at scrabble?” you asked. “Well, Y/N, last week you spelled occasionally ‘o-c-a-ss-i-o-n-n-a-l-l-y’” Zayn laughed, and you glared at him. Was he really calling you stupid in front of all these people? “Well, maybe you should try the word c-o-u-c-h cause I have a feeling that’s where you’ll be sleeping tonight” you said, taking your empty glass and walking into the kitchen. As expected, Zayn followed you. “That came out all wrong” he said, and you stiff armed him. “Don’t, I don’t even want to talk to you” you said, and you opened the fridge to get another glass of wine. “Y/N, I didn’t mean it the way I said it. I just, I never thought of you as a strong speller. I am sorry, I do want you on my team” he said, and you shook your head and rolled your eyes. “Y/N, you know I think you’re brilliant,” Zayn said, putting his hands on your shoulders, “And you know I would never say something to purposefully hurt you.” You looked in his eyes, and nodded. “Are we good?” he asked, and you nodded more eagerly this time. “But I’m going to show you how smart I am” you said. You ended up kicking Zayn’s butt, and he vowed to pick you every time from then on.