you accidentally hit him in the groin (requested) 

Niall: “I can’t get this” you strained, yanking on a cord that was stuck behind your washer and dryer. Niall walked in the room and smirked. “Is this a failed home reno show or what?” he asked, and you glared at him. “Shut it” you growled, pulling the cord once more. It loosened, and you flew backwards. You slammed into Niall, and your hand slammed into his groin. “Fuck!” he screamed, and your eyes went wide. “Niall oh my god! I am so sorry babe” you said as he curled up on the floor. “Oh shit, I’m going to grab ice” you said, racing to the kitchen. You grabbed a bag of frozen broccoli, and put it on his privates. “Y/N” Niall whined, and you looked at him sympathetically. “I am so sorry Niall” you whispered, rubbing the hair out of his face. Eventually, Niall felt good enough to get up. He was able to laugh at how utterly unlucky the situation was.

Harry: “Did you eat my last muffin?” you asked from the kitchen, and Harry turned to you from the couch. “No, I didn’t even know you had muffins” Harry responded, and you raised an eyebrow. “You bought them for me, Hazz.” Harry looked guilty. “Harry” you growled, your eyes narrowing. “Y/N” he mimicked. “This means a fight to the death!” you said, rounding the corner of the counter towards him. “You’re on, muffin girl!” he said, setting up in a low fight stance. You raced at him, but at the last second he shifted. Your knee went right between Harry’s legs and he dropped. “Oh my god” you covered your mouth and Harry squirmed on the floor. “Harry, baby, I am so sorry” you said, and he shook his head. “I uh…” you said, and you did the only thing you could think to do. You put your hand on it and started massaging. “What are you doing?” Harry groaned, but he started to lose tension. “Am I helping?” you asked. “Well it’s distracting” he said, so you continued. Eventually, Harry was feeling better. “You win this time, muffin girl” he laughed lightly, and you frowned apologetically.

Louis: You were laying in bed, sleeping. Louis was tucked in close to you, and you smiled into his arm. All was well, until your arm started falling asleep. You sighed and woke up slightly, turning your body to readjust. Suddenly, Louis jumped up and on to the floor. “Y/N!” he screamed, and you looked at him like he was crazy. “What’s your problem?” you asked, aggravated, and not able to see him in the dark. “You sacked me” he whined, and you covered your mouth. You got up and raced to the kitchen. There was no ice, so you soaked a cloth in cold water. When you came back, Louis was laying in his underwear. You took the cloth and shoved it in his underwear. “I am so sorry Louis” you whispered, kissing his forehead.  You helped him up and on to the bed. “Can I do anything?” you asked, rubbing his hand. “Yeah, never ever do that again” he laughed lightly, and you nodded in agreement.

Liam: “I am going to pass you” you said, tilting your controller to the left and sticking your tongue out. “Keep dreaming” Liam said, smirking at the TV screen. You two were playing Mario Kart, and you were doing your very best to make Liam eat some humble pie. He had been gloating for weeks about how nobody would ever be able to beat him, and you wanted to prove him wrong. You went into the last corner full speed. “I’ve got this, I’ve got this” you said, using a boost to try and pass him. Unfortunately, it was too late and Liam passed the line one tenth of a second faster. “No!” you whined, and you went to smack Liam’s leg. He readjusted at the same time, and you smacked his groin. Liam got up but didn’t get too far, collapsing on the floor beside the couch. “Li! Oh, I am so sorry Li” you said, rubbing his leg. “It barely hurts, don’t worry” Liam squeaked, but you shook your head. “It clearly does hurt, what do you need?” you asked, but Liam shook his head. He pulled himself to his feet and stood there, pain written all over his face. “Fine” he exhaled, and you looked worried. Liam sat on the couch and tried to save face, doing his best to make sure you didn’t feel bad.

Zayn: You and Zayn were out front shooting hoops. It was rare that you two played sports together, but you were having a blast. Zayn threw you the ball, and you tossed it in the net. “Good job boo” he said, catching your rebound. “Here, I’ll pass it to you for a layup” you suggested, your arms out. Zayn threw you the ball, and you dribbled it while he ran for the net. You passed and Zayn jumped. It was a mix for disaster. The ball smacked Zayn right where the sun doesn’t shine, and Zayn fell to the ground and clutched his privates. “Oh” Zayn moaned in a high pitched voice. You stood, frozen. He was rubbing his groin furiously and biting his lip. “Ice” he squeaked, and you nodded and raced for the fridge. You grabbed a huge bag of ice and slowly put it between Zayn’s legs. You both laid on the driveway for twenty minutes before Zayn felt okay to go inside. “Never again” he whispered, kissing your cheek as he laid on the couch with the ice on his crotch.

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