he reads a dirty fanfic about you (requested) 

Liam: You were coming in late from a charity event. Liam wasn’t able to make it because he had an early flight the next morning. You came in at around two in the morning, and slid your heels off slowly. You tip toed to the bedroom, and opened the door slowly. You were shocked to see Liam on his computer. “Liam!” you exclaimed, and he turned to you. “What? It’s that late already?” he asked, glancing at the clock. “Uh yeah, what were you doing?” you asked, and Liam went red. “What?” you asked, walking towards him. You glanced over his shoulder and started reading. It was a dirty fanfic about you two. “Oh…” you said, smirking. “I was honestly just curious. The boys said they were up. I wasn’t going to look but then I was so curious. I was just about to close it” he rambled on. You started smirking, and he looked puzzled. “Liam, I used to read these all the time” you laughed, and he exhaled. “I was so scared” he said, and you shook your head. “It’s not like you’re cheating, its me” you laughed, taking your earrings off and getting ready for bed.

Niall: “Coming to bed, dear?” you called out, giggling at how cliché you sounded. “Yeah one sec” Niall shouted back, and you shrugged into your blankets. You ended up falling asleep, but your body woke you up a hour later. You glanced at the clock and it was just after one in the morning. There was still no sign of Niall. You slipped on your slippers and went to peak out the bedroom door. He was still sitting at his computer, and you recognized the site he was on to be a Tumblr blog. “Whatcha doing?” you asked, your voice still groggy and full of sleep. “Oh!” Niall said, and he was so shocked he fell out of his chair. “Oh sorry babe” you said, rushing to help him up. “Not your fault princess” he said as he scrambled to his feet. You looked at the screen and saw ‘True Love’s Test: Niall and Y/N Fanfic’ written in cursive at the top. “What is this?” you laughed, and Niall threw his head back. “I was googling us and this came up and I became enthralled. They’re writing about us having sex. Kinky sex” he said, shocked, and you burst out laughing. “Come to bed” you said, pulling his arm. He turned off the screen, after bookmarking the page, and came to bed with you.

Louis: “Y/N! Y/N!” Louis called out. You were doing your nails, and you really didn’t want to get up and ruin them. “Busy Lou” you called back, and he responded with a loud, dramatic groan. “Oh my god okay coming” you said, hoping off the chair and walking towards the office where Louis was. “What?” you asked, standing in the doorway. “Have you ever seen these things?” he asked, and you walked over to the screen. There was a dirty fanfic about you two on your wedding night. “That’s funny. I remember when I was a fan, reading these about you and Eleanor” you laughed. Louis looked shocked. “You knew these existed?!” he said, and you nodded. “Well, not about us, but I know they exist.” Louis started reading. “Wow, I wish you were like this in bed” he teased, and you rolled your eyes. “Oh, this is hot. I like this Y/N” he said, and you leaned over and shut the monitor off. “Hey!” Louis said, and you smirked before rushing out of the office so he couldn’t catch you.

Zayn: “Boo” Zayn whispered as you laid in bed. You were falling asleep, and you became instantly frustrated when Zayn called for you. “What?” you groaned, adding length to the word to show your annoyance. “Sorry, what’s this fanfic nonsense?” he asked, and you turned your face towards him and opened one eye. “Its like, stories fans make up about you guys. You don’t read them?” you asked, having always assumed he did. “I read shorter ones, on occasion, but this one has, like, twelve chapters” he said. You sat up and slid closer to him, looking at his Ipad. “Well, this is a fanfic not preferences or imagines. Its all different” you smiled. “Why is it talking about me putting my penis in you!?” Zayn asked, loudly, his face full of shock. You couldn’t contain your laughter. “Zayn,” you said between giggles, “It’s a dirty fanfic. The author writes about us having sex.” “Oh…” Zayn said, smirking slightly. “I’m going to bed” you declared, and you flipped over. You woke up at three in the morning, four hours after saying good night, and Zayn was fast asleep with his tablet still open to the fanfic. You let out a light chuckle, putting the Ipad on the table before stumbling to the bathroom.

Harry: You were answering tweets from fans while Harry was on his computer. You glanced up for a second, and saw Harry frustrating hard on the computer screen. “What is this?” Harry asked after a couple of seconds. You finished writing your tweet, and leaned over. “What does it say?” you said, and he squinted. “Harry and Y/N Fanfic: Love, Lust and Passion” Harry said in a questioning tone. “Sounds like a fanfic about us” you smirked. You knew they existed, but Harry didn’t keep up much with this kind of stuff. “Well, should we read it?” he asked, and you shrugged, “Your call.” Harry started reading it aloud while you at the other end of the couch. “Harry walked in the room with handcuffs and a gag. “Get on the floor Y/N” he said, and she did as she was told” Harry started the new chapter, and your eyes widened. He looked at you with a funny face. “If only you were this kinky” he teased. You got up and leaned over, shutting the computer screen. “Would you prefer reading about us having sex, or doing it?” you asked seductively. Harry smirked as you lead him to the bedroom. 

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