he crashes your baby shower (requested) 

Niall: You and your friends were having a baby shower. You were pregnant with a baby girl who you and Niall had decided to name Brenna. Niall had taken Rory to his Uncle Liam’s house and was hanging out there while you celebrated. Your friend did the whole party pink. There were pink streamers everywhere, a pink cake in the shape of a rattle, a pink ‘It’s a girl’ sign hanging over the window of your den, and your chair had pink helium balloons attached to it. “Alright Y/N, let’s do gifts!” a friend called, and you smiled and nodded. “Alright, here you go” Eleanor said, passing you a gift. You smiled and opened the gift. “Diapers, three ‘princess’ onesies and aww, look at these boots” you said, lifting up a baby pair of Uggs. All the women aw-ed. “Uh, Y/N” a thick Irish accent called. You looked confused, and a friend of yours helped you out of your chair. You waddled out to the doorway. “Hi babe” you said to Niall, who was standing in the doorway with your 9 month old baby. “Hi, I am so sorry, but I got nervous changing his diaper” Niall said, and you gave him a look. “No, seriously, look” he said, and you two went into the nursery to look. “He has diaper rash” you laughed, looking at Rory’s bottom. “Just put some baby powder on there and it will be fine” you said, showing him how and changing his diaper. “Thanks princess” Niall said, kissing your cheek. You both walked out, and some of your guests had come out to see what was going on. “Hi everyone, just needed some motherly advice. I’m leaving” he said, and everyone waved goodbye before you went back to opening presents.

Louis: “What name do we all think Y/N should name her baby?” your friend Kelly asked, pointing to your baby bump. It was your second baby, and while you and Louis had a name picked out, nobody knew it. “I think Carter” a woman you work with said, and you smiled. “What about you Jess?” you said, calling to your friend across the room. “Y/N” someone shouted, and you turned and gave her a weird look. “That one’s taken” you called back, laughing, as you pulled yourself out of your chair. You walked to the doorway of the room and saw Louis and Harry standing there. The boys had been hanging out, having their own baby shower, which was them basically running around acting like goofballs. “What are you doing here?” you asked, sternly. You glanced at Harry, who was looking at the room full of women like a tiger stalking his prey. You pushed him lightly, and he smiled. “We were in the neighborhood” he said, and you glared at him. “Get out of the neighborhood. It’s my day” you said. “Have you, by any chance, cut the cake?” Louis asked, and your jaw tightened. “No! We haven’t cut the cake! And when we do cut the cake, we’re going to eat every bite. And if we can’t eat every bite, I would rather smear it on the floor than give it to you. And Harry, every girl in the room is dating, married or gay so stop” you said all in one breath. The boys just laughed, unsure how to react. “Stress induces labour” your friend Kelly called. “See ya” Louis said, kissing your cheek before he and Harry left.

Liam: Ruth had planned your baby shower, and she had done a fabulous job. You were pregnant with twin girls, and it was ‘two peas in a pod’ themed. It was adorable, and you were thankful to Karen for letting Ruth plan it in her house. “Alright, so, we have these pods” Ruth said, holding up homemade pods she created from strips of fabric, “You guys each get one. Inside there are peas. Whoever has the two pink peas, wins the prize.” She passed out your pods, and you smiled at her as she handed you yours. “Good luck” she whispered, and you opened it. Your ‘peas’, which were big beads, were green. “Woo!” your friend Lucy called. You looked up and smiled at her. “Okay, here’s your prize” Ruth said, handing her a green bag with green tissue paper. Lucy opened it and found a pair of pink, oversized truth or dare dice. “They come in twos, get it? All prizes do” Ruth explained, smiling wide at you. “You’re awesome” you laughed back, as she grabbed a mason jar full of peas. “Okay, if you can guess closest to the amount of peas in this jar, you win a prize” she said to the group, and you laughed. “Who counted?” you asked, and as Ruth opened her mouth, Liam appeared in the door way. “Him” she groaned, and he rushed to help you struggling out of your chair. “Come here please” he said, and he took your hand and brought you into the bathroom. “You were supposed to text me every half hour!” he said. “Sorry Li, I am kind of preoccupied” you said aggravated, pointing backwards to where the party was. “Well, I get nervous because twin pregnancies can be complicated” he trailed off, and you felt bad. “Look, I’m fine. If I become unfine, I will have your mom or Ruth or Nicola call you, okay?” you said, and he nodded. You walked back out and with a kiss he was off. “So, um, Kendall won and it was 2222” Ruth laughed, and you shook your head laughing. “So what did she get?” you asked, and your friend lifted out a pair of neon pink shoe laces, which warranted a high five to Ruth.

Harry: “Thank you so much for all this” you whispered to Anne as she handed you another gift. “Anything for you, dear” she whispered back, putting a bag in your lap. “Okay, this is from Lauren” you said, and everyone turned to smile at your friend as you handed Anne the card to write in. It was your baby shower for your beautiful daughter. Anne, along with some help from Gemma, had the house decked out in purple. Purple washcloth cupcakes, purple candies. They even bought you a purple tiara to wear. It was all to match your soon to be daughter, Aspen’s, nursery. You pulled the tissue out of the gift and pulled out a pair of leopard print leggings, a plaid dress and Mary Jane shoes. “Oh my god this stuff is adorable” you smiled, “Thanks girl!” The front door opened, and you turned to Anne. “Who else was coming?”you said, and she leaned back to see who was coming. Right as she found out, you did too. “Y/N, can you come here” Harry called. You looked at Anne, then at Gemma, who both shrugged their shoulders. You got yourself out of the chair and walked over to Harry. “I need your help” he said, and you looked at him funny. “What could you possibly need my help with?” you said, and then you saw Niall. The two had taken Grayden and Trent while you were having this. “Its nap time” you said, and Harry threw his hands up. “Tell them that” he said, and the boys both looked at you with mischievous grins. “They got that from you” you said, walking over.  “Boys, mommy is trying to celebrate you two being big brothers. But I can’t do that if you’re not going to be good big brothers. When Aspen comes, are you two going to not want to do nap time too? Because you need to show Aspen how good kids behave, right?” you said, and they both nodded. “So can we please go to sleep for daddy and Uncle Niall. Then they can take you for ice cream” you said, and the boys smiled. “But you need to sleep first” you said, kissing their foreheads. “Take them, put them in the car and drive to Winsford and back. They will fall asleep on the way back. Take the car seats out slowly and then let them sleep for an hour” you said. Harry nodded and left. Forty minutes later, he texted you and said ‘you’re incredible. yet another reason im happy i married you’, and you smiled.

Zayn: Your best friend in London, Zoe, planned a lovely baby shower for you when you were pregnant with Haven. The room was decorated in cute baby decorations, including a ribbon with pacifiers and rattles glued on. It was adorable. “Okay, Y/N, I want you to take this form. And you’re going to say which features you want Haven to have from you, and which from Zayn. Meanwhile, everyone else is going to do the same. At the end, every answer that matches Y/N’s will get a point and then the person with the most points wins. Alright?” Zoe said, and everyone nodded. She handed you yours first, and you went to work. ‘Eyes, Zayn. Ears, Zayn. Nose, Zayn. I can’t do every single one Zayn. Legs? She can have my legs, she’s a girl. Hair, Zayn. Smile, Zayn. Intelligence… Me. Humour. Hmm, Me’ you thought, as you checked off. “Everyone done?” Zoe asked, and you gave her a thumbs up. “Okay mama, who did you pick for eyes?” Zoe asked. “Zayn?!” you said, and everyone cheered. “Hey babe” Zayn said from behind Zoe. “What are you doing here?” you asked, and he smiled. “I was on my way over to Liam’s. I just wanted to say I love you” he said, kissing your cheek. The girls all aw-ed. “Alright, I’m going” he said. “Wait, listen to this game!” you said, and he looked confused. “Its what features I hope she has from me and which I hope she has from you” you explained, and he smirked. “Okay, next is ears” Zoe said. “Zayn” you laughed, and Zayn shook his head. “They’re ears, are they different?” “Yes” you responded bluntly. “Nose?” “Zayn.” “Legs?” “Me” you laughed. “Well I hope so, she will have a lot of shaving to do otherwise” he laughed, and the group giggled. “Hair?” “Zayn” you answered, and Zayn huffed. “Smile?” “Zayn” you said, and you knew he wasn’t going to be happy. “I love your smile!” he exclaimed. “My choice!” you said, and he hunched over. “Intelligence?” Zoe asked, and you smiled and looked at him. “Me” you answered. “Thank god” Zayn laughed, and you smiled. “Humour?” Zoe said finally. “Her!” Zayn shouted, and you nodded in confirmation. Your good friend Gretchen won, and Zayn left, stealing another kiss. You went on to open gifts, but couldn’t help but keep laughing at how funny Zayn had been.

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