he cheats on you but you take him back (requested) 

Liam: You were sitting on your phone, parked outside your friend’s house. You were waiting to go to the mall to buy some new clothes for the trip you and Liam planned to go on when he got back from his tour next week. You were going to a cottage you rented in Northern Ireland, so you wanted to pick out some warmer clothes to wear. As you sat, waiting for her to emerge, you got a direct message. You opened it, curious to see what it was. ‘Hi Y/N, you may ignore this but my name is Tarren. i feel super guilty, so I wanted to tell you that i slept with Liam while he was in Dallas’ she wrote. You rolled your eyes. If you had a dollar for every girl who said stuff like that. Then your phone went off again. You picked it up as you saw your friend coming out. ‘i know you probably think im lying, but heres proof’ she wrote and attached a picture. You scrolled to it and clicked it open. There was Liam, laying in bed, and the girl next to him. You could tell it was recent because Liam was wearing a sleep shirt that you two had bought at Disney World a couple months ago. You stared at the picture, feeling anger and betrayal. You heard the door open and your friend slid into the car. “We going?” she asked after sitting there for a few seconds. “Liam’s cheating on me” you said, and she turned to stare at you. “How?” she asked, and you showed her the picture. “Oh my god” she said, and her seeing it made it hit you. You felt tears stream down your face. “Oh baby” you friend send, reaching over to pull you into a hug. “You have to confront him” she said, and you nodded. You picked up your phone and dialed Liam’s number. “Hello beautiful” he answered, and you rolled your eyes. “I know about Tarren and what you did in Dallas” you said, and the silence was deafening. “I…” he started, but quickly stopped. You knew there was nothing he could really say. “Do you want to tell me what happened, Liam?” you asked. “Basically, I was out with the guys and I thought I would just have a drink or two. I never do, but I thought I could be a bit of fun. But then they kept buying me drinks and I got drunk. Tarren helped me home, from what I was told, and put me to bed. Then I woke up about two hours later, I was still drunk and she was laying there looking at me. We had sex, and when I woke up she was gone. I was going to tell you when I got home. I am so sorry Y/N” he said, and you nodded. “Liam, you cheated on me” you said, voice cracking. You were crying and you heard Liam sniffle too. “How am I supposed to trust you to go away on tour and to go out to things when you pull stuff like this Liam? How can I…” you trailed off. Your friend sat there, motionless except for rubbing your hand. “Y/N, I am telling you this was a mistake. I would never do this again. And I wasn’t hiding it, I was going to tell you. I thought maybe when we were away” he said and your face scrunched. “So I couldn’t leave?” you asked, heated. “No no, Y/N, I love you. I always have and I always will. I understand if you want to leave. But you have to understand that there won’t be a day where I don’t fight for you to come back to me. I can’t just let you leave” he said, and your friend sighed. You looked at her, shrugging. You didn’t know what to say. She smiled and nodded, and you took a deep breath. “Liam, I am not saying all is forgiven, but I will stay with you. We have a lot to work out next week” you said, shakily. “Y/N, I promise I will make this up to you. Baby, I promise. Thank you” he said, and you hung up. You went to the mall and picked out a few things quickly, trying to stay in a normal routine. Your friend came home with you, and when you walked in your and Liam’s flat, you cried. She stayed the week with you, and when Liam came home you two talked about it. You two called Tarren, and thankfully she was very understanding. She was married, and just felt terrible that this had happened. She had told her husband, and they were working things out too, so she was more than willing to delete the photo. “Next time, you wont be so lucky” you said sternly to Liam. “There won’t be a next time” he said, and you nodded. The trip to Ireland was actually a wonderful fix for you two. You reconnected there, and your trust began to rebuild.

Louis: You were out to dinner with a friend. You hadn’t seen her in a while, so you were really enjoying yourself. Suddenly, you felt really uneasy. You don’t know what it was, but you felt like you needed to get home. You told your friend you weren’t feeling well, promised to hang out again soon, and headed for home. Every kilometer you got closer, you felt queasier. You knew your body was telling you something, you just didn’t know what. You parked outside your house and opened the door quietly. Louis had told you he was feeling sick, and all the lights were off so you figured he had gone to bed. You stepped inside and stumbled, catching yourself on the wall behind you. “What the” you whispered, looking down. You saw a pair of heels that were definitely not yours. You picked them up and reevaluated them. They were black and strappy and trashy. Suddenly, you heard laughing down the hall. Your stomach was in your throat as you walked down the hall. Part of you wanted to run back out to your car, but you knew you had to see. You walked up to the bedroom door and stood there, knowing you had to eventually open the door. “Desiree, come here” Louis whispered, and you felt the rage build up hearing her name. You threw the door open and there was Louis, in his boxers. A woman, who you could assume was Desiree, was straddling him with her top off. “You know what Desiree, maybe you should get the fuck out” you said, and she climbed off. She covered her chest and you looked to the floor and saw her dress. You threw it at her face and she pressed it against her chest. “Dress as you walk, you homewrecker” you said, and she wouldn’t even make eye contact as she passed you. You knew it wasn’t her fault, but she knew that you and Louis were together. Everyone did, you were on the cover of every magazine. She wasn’t totally innocent either. “Oh, Des” you called out, and she turned to you. “If you tell a soul about being with him, I will deny it, he will deny it and we will sue you for defamation of character” you said and she turned back and walked to the front door. Then your head jerked back towards your half naked boyfriend. “Y/N, I…” Louis started and you put your hand up. “What the hell were you thinking?” you said, glaring at him. He wouldn’t look you in the eye. “Louis, we’re building a life together here. We have a home together, we were talking about getting married! Now all of a sudden you’re sleeping with Desiree?” you asked. Louis got out of bed and you backed away from him. You could tell that gesture stung as he stopped dead in his tracks.”Y/N, I wish I could explain this to you. I don’t have an explanation. But I will say we have never had sex. I met her when I went out with Liam one night, through Danielle. She was really nice and kind to me, and we started talking. She flirted with me and I flirted back, and then tonight… Tonight was a mistake. It was all a mistake” he said, and you shook your head. “You were going to have sex with another girl in our bed. We make love in this bed. Do you know how disrespectful that is?” you asked, and he nodded ashamed of himself. “I hate you so much, but I can’t give up on us” you said, and Louis looked shocked. “You’re not going to leave?” he asked. “No. I won’t leave, I can’t leave. I love you. But Louis, I am so hurt right now. You can’t even understand how hurt I am. You couldn’t have done worse to me” you said, and you cupped your face in your hands as tears fell. Louis crept towards you, and pulled you into a hug. “I will make this up to you. I love you so much and being with was so wrong. I wanted it to be you. I am so sorry. This was such a mistake” he said, and you pulled back. Your mascara was running, you could tell by the stains on Louis’s chest, and you were still bawling. “She even wore the trashiest heels Louis” you said, sobbing. He smirked lightly before pulling you in again. “You’re on the couch. And you need to change the sheets. And burn them” you said. “Consider it done” Louis said, rubbing your back. You two didn’t sleep in the same bed for the next week. You decided to go to Le Marche, Italy for a couples retreat, where you learned to trust him again. It was well worth it, and you felt like your relationship was brand new again.

Niall: To say you were feeling suspicious of Niall was an understatement. He was being shady, sneaking around and lying to you. On numerous occasions, he told you he was going to a certain place, and you would call to speak to him and he wouldn’t be there. He would dodge your calls and come home and go straight to bed. One evening, he told you he was going to go visit Liam. You weren’t so sure, so you decided to follow him. You called a friend, and she parked across the street. You watched as Niall got in the car. “Hon, bring your phone” you said, running it out to him. He rolled his window down. “Thanks” he said, and you went to lean in for a kiss. He rolled the window up instead. “Alright, bye” you whispered, feeling your throat tighten. You waved as he drove down the street. Just as he pulled past the lights, you darted to your friend’s car. You hopped in the passenger side and she followed after him. You were a car behind, which was perfect. You watched as Niall zig zagged across London, going nowhere near where Liam lived. You and your friend followed as he arrived at a small pub. He snuck in, unseen, and you and your friend sat in the parking lot. “So do we go in?” she asked, and you shrugged. “Do you want to go in and text me what you see?” you asked, and she nodded. You watched her walk in and you held your phone in your hand on your lap. After five long minutes, you got a text. It was a picture of Niall with some blonde, giggling and flirting over a pint. Another photo appeared of Niall brushing hair out of her face. You felt like you were going to crush your phone in your hands you were so angry. Then another image appeared, and he was kissing her. “Hell no” you said, swinging the car door open. You walked quickly into the bar and spotted Niall’s blonde hair. You made your way over to his booth. You friend saw you, and got up. She timed timed it perfectly, sitting next to the girl when you sat next to Niall. “Don’t mind, do you?” you said, and Niall looked white as a ghost. “Uh kinda” the girl said, and you turned to her. You felt like you were going to open your mouth and roar at her, you were so angry. “Well you know what I mind? You sleeping with my boyfriend. So shut up and listen” you snapped, and she rolled her eyes. “You have some cohonas coming here and meeting with this girl, leaving me home alone” you said to Niall. He had tears in his eyes. “Can we talk somewhere else?” he asked. You glared at him. “Tell you what. I want you to delete her number from your phone, I want her to delete your number from hers and I want you to call it off right now in front of me” you said, and your friend nodded. Niall immediately whipped out both his phones. He deleted her off BBM and erased her number from his contacts. The girl stared at him. “You told me you loved me” she said, and you huffed. “You knew he was dating me. I really can’t believe you feel this blindsided. And I’m sure you told him your breasts were real. Delete his number” you said, and she shook her head, deleting it. “We’re done, Alleenah” Niall said, and you nodded. Your friend moved, and Alleenah walked out. Your friend looked at you and you nodded, and she left. “Niall, why would you do this?” you said, sliding out of the booth. Niall slid out, and took your hand. You shook it off and marched to his car. “See ya never Allenah” you called, walking past her as she waited for a cab. You got in Niall’s car and could see your friend’s car still in the parking lot. “Y/N, I don’t know what came over me. I just felt like these last few weeks we have been so disconnected” he said, sighing. Tears were falling from both your eyes. “Niall, I have been feeling the same thing, but that doesn’t mean I went and slept with someone else” you said. Niall looked at you, stone faced. “I never slept with her. Never. I met her for drinks twice and we’ve made out. I never ever had sex with her” he said. You looked in his eyes, and you believed him. “You have to work to regain my trust” you said, and he nodded. Niall made a point to spend quality time with you every day. He made you feel important again, and that was what was really missing.

Zayn: You were out of town, visiting your family. You were enjoying yourself, spending time with everyone in your hometown, but you missed Zayn a lot. He was really busy with One Direction stuff, so he didn’t really have time to come with you. Instead, he stayed back home. You tried to call him and skype him when you could, but he always seemed to rush off the phone. You felt like your relationship was slipping through your fingers, and it was devastating you. You called a friend of yours back home, and explained the story. “Do you think he may be seeing someone else?” she asked, and you gasped. You hadn’t really thought about it, but it was possible. “I don’t know, I don’t know what to think” you sighed. “Well, what if I went over there and said I needed to check something out for you and snooped?” she offered. You thought about it, and decided that if there was nothing to hide, what was the harm? “Okay, I still have that scarf you leant me last month. There’s a key hidden in the potted plant on the bar table. Zayn is supposed to be recording, so that can be your excuse for letting yourself in” you said, and your friend agreed and hung up. Two hours later, your friend called. “Hi love, any news?” you asked, assuming it was nothing. Your friend didn’t answer, but you could hear her breathing. “What?” you asked again, and she sighed. “There was a girl there. In your living room. I unlocked the door and walked in and Zayn came out of the kitchen. He looked like he had seen a ghost, and then I just shook my head and shut the door. She was in one of his shirts. She looked at me and gave me a dirty look” she said, and you started to shake. “No” you whispered, and hung up. You broke down in tears, and laid on your bed. You didn’t want to see anyone. You just wanted to be in bed forever. You cried and cried until you eventually passed out. You woke up to a knock on your door. “Y/N, sweetie, I have a surprise for you” your mom called. “Come in” you said, your voice cracking. The door swung open and Zayn was standing there. You went from sad to furious. “Get out” you spit. “Y/N” your mom said, shocked. “He cheated on me” you said, gritting your teeth. Your mom’s facial expression changed, and Zayn looked at the floor. “Can we please talk?” Zayn asked shakily, surely feeling the glare from your mom on his back. You crossed your arms and turned to the wall. “Fine” you said, and he walked in and sat on the floor in front of your bed. Your mom shook her head and shut the door. “You are such a piece of shit Zayn” you said, pulling the blanket off you. He stood and you looked at him, tears in your eyes. “I hate you Zayn!” you screamed, punching his chest. You were weak from being upset, so your punch did nothing to Zayn. He stood there, staring at you. “I hate you! I thought we were going to be together forever and then you go and sleep with some random bitch! Now you’ve gone and ruined everything! We were going to get married, have kids, grow old together! I can’t trust you to be faithful if I go out of town for two weeks!” you said, punching him continuously. Zayn kept staring at you. “You have nothing to say for yourself!?” you asked, glaring at him. He was silent, as you stared at him. “I love you. I didn’t do this to hurt you. I missed you and I found some other girl who I thought could maybe fill the void. She didn’t, it just made me miss you more. I booked this flight the night she slept over. I felt like a pig. I am so ashamed. She meant absolutely nothing to me. I didn’t even sleep in the same bed as her, I slept with your stuffed animal on the couch. I know none of this makes up for us, but I love you. And I won’t let you go. I can’t. I want to grow old with you and be with you, and I will work every day until the day I die to fix this” he said, and you felt so overwhelmed. You started bawling, and Zayn pulled you in close. You and Zayn left your hometown the next day, and went home. You locked yourself in your flat for the rest of what would have been your vacation. Zayn cancelled all his requirements, and you two spent some quality time together. You forgave Zayn, but he knew he was going to have to work for a long time to rebuild your trust fully.

Harry: You woke up in the morning and turned to find Harry was gone. In his place was a note, ‘Y/N, had to go to the studio suddenly. I’ll be home tonight. xx Harry’. You tossed it on the bedside table and got up. You walked into the kitchen and saw your phone. It was blowing up. “What the hell?” you asked yourself, and unlocked it. You had thousands of tweets and a few texts. You went on twitter, and you were astonished by what you saw. ‘harry is cheating on u @Y/T/N’ one fan wrote, and about a thousand similar messages came up. “What is this?” you said. You went to your texts, and you had one from Danielle, one from Eleanor and one from Harry. You checked Danielle’s first. ‘Are you seeing your twitter? Hopefully you check here first. I was on the internet and saw an article. Apparently, Harry has been going out with some model and there are photos. He went there early this morning. I love you. text me and I will come over’ she wrote, and you immediately started crying. Your hands shaking, you went to Eleanor’s text. ‘I know you know. I am showering, getting Danielle and coming over. Be there at noon’ she said. You smiled through the tears, thankful for those two. Then you went to Harry’s. ‘Stay of twitter, we need to talk’ he wrote, and you huffed. ‘you’re damn right we need to talk, you two timing jerk’ you wrote back. It was 11:30, so you quickly hopped in the shower and threw on some clothes. You didn’t bother with makeup, knowing it would be ruined anyway. You grabbed your computer and sat it on the coffee table as the door knob turned. In walked Danielle and Eleanor, who immediately surrounded you in a hug. “Thanks guys” you said, letting a few tears fall on their shirts. You sat at the computer and the girls sat next to you. “Have you seen them yet?” Eleanor asked, and you shook your head. Danielle took your hand, and you started to type ‘harry styles’ in the Google search box. You hit enter, and there was articles upon articles. ‘Harry steps out on Y/N’ ‘The new woman in Styles’s life’ ‘the man, the woman and this mistress. Y/N is in the dark as Harry sleeps with a model’. You felt sick as you clicked on the first link. The pictures came up. It was Harry at a house door. The next photo was a woman opening the door. The next, Harry was kissing her. Then she hopped up on him as he walked in the house. “Oh my god” you whispered, your head dropping. Danielle pulled you into a hug and Eleanor rubbed your back. Suddenly, you heard the front door open. “Y/N” Harry said, and Eleanor stood. “Harry, now’s not the time” she said, but he ignored her. He took your hand, and Danielle pulled away. “Y/N” he said again, crouching so he could look you in the eyes. “Harry” you whispered, sobbing. “Y/N I am so sorry” he said, and you shook him off. “You know how humiliating this is!?” you shouted, becoming more angry. He stood as you pushed him off you. “You cheated on me and I had to find out from Entertainmetnwise!? What the fuck is that!?” you said, pushing him. “Y/N, I am sorry. It was the first time and the last time. I love you and not her and I fucked up” he said. You shook your head. “You don’t just get off with this” you said, pointing at the computer. Harry got tears in his eyes. “Y/N, I love you so much. I don’t know what I was thinking. You are my world. Aimee messaged me on twitter two weeks ago, she wanted me to come by for her birthday. I agreed, considering we had a mutual friend” he started and you looked down. “You went to her birthday last weekend, I couldn’t make it” you whispered. “We got along really well. Then her boyfriend broke up with her, and she was devastated. She texted me and asked me to come by and talk last night. We got carried away. We actually talked in the doorway for thirty minutes before, but they didn’t show those pictures. I know that doesn’t change things, but…” Harry trailed off. You both stood in silence, looking at the floor. Eleanor and Danielle,  who stood off to the side, were quiet too. “You have a lot of work to do Harry” you said and he nodded, hugging you. You two went to couple’s counseling and went on a two week vacation to rebuild. You ended up falling deeper for him, and were able to rebuild a stronger trust with him.

a/n: sorry this one is soooo long (thats what she said) but i hope you guys like it!

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