he makes you cry and another boy comforts you (requested) 

Liam: “You know, you could at least hold my hand when we’re out. We don’t have to act like cousins or something” you said, plopping down on the couch. Liam had been so standoff-ish with you lately, you weren’t sure what was on his mind. “First you don’t want PDA, now you do. Make up your mind Y/N” he snapped, and you craned your neck to look at him. “Easy Liam, I was just sayi-“ “That’s all you ever do Y/N. You’re always saying what you want. Have you ever thought about how I feel about things?! Maybe I don’t want to hold your damn hand.” You were stunned, staring at him. “Fuck you Liam” you said, walking out. You walked right into Louis’s chest, and got mascara on his shirt. “Sorry Lou” you mumbled, pushing past him. “Wait, Y/N, wait” Louis said, jogging towards you. “Louis just leave me alone” you said, walking down the street. Louis pulled you by the arm, and pulled you into a hug. You sighed, crying into his chest. “It’s okay love, it’s alright” Louis said, trying to comfort you. You sobbed, and hugged Louis back. “He told me he didn’t want to hold my hand. It sounds stupid, but it hurt” you said through the tears. “Liam is having a tough time right now, he’s tired. Let me call El and have her come get you, you can sleep at our place” Louis said, pulling his phone out. He called Eleanor and waited out front for her to get there. He made sure to hold you close as you cried. You two didn’t speak, and he never touched his phone once even though it was ringing. He just held you, trying to make sure you felt surrounded by strength. Eleanor eventually showed up, and she got out to make sure you were okay. You thanked Louis, gave him a hug and left. He went in and talked to Liam, and you and Liam met for breakfast the next morning. He apologized, and you two made up, and sent Louis and Eleanor flowers to thank them.

Niall: You were arguing with Niall about him tweeting girls. Not fans, but other celebrities. You were jealous, and Niall was annoyed. It wasn’t a good mix. “Oh, you needed to tweet “@KekePalmer you’re beautiful! had a great time with you last night”? That’s just one of many Niall” you said, looking at your phone. You were so annoyed. If you tweeted one guy, it was World War Three but he could tweet every starlet in the game. “Have you ever thought maybe I was being polite?!” Niall snapped back, and you rolled your eyes. “You know what Y/N, I’m so sick of your attitude. You don’t get it. You’re not famous. People who are famous, get it. That’s why I relate better to those girls…” he said, trailing off. “Well,” you said, feeling tears come to your eyes. “Date them instead” you sighed, pointing to the door. Niall walked out quietly, and you fell to the floor. He related better to other girls? How could he say that? You didn’t know what to do, you just sat there, sobbing until you eventually passed out. You woke up to the door slamming open. “Y/N! Are you okay!?” Harry called, rushing towards you. He knelt next to you, and turned you to face him. You opened your eyes and he sighed. “I thought you were hurt or dead or something girl” he said, and you started crying again. “What? What’s wrong?” Harry asked, and you wiped the tears away. “Niall told me he relates better to famous girls than he does to me” you whispered, fighting tears. “What an idiot” Harry sighed, and you nodded. “Give me a second, love” Harry said, stepping into the other room. You pulled yourself on to the couch, and Harry came back out. “Niall’s coming home, you two need to talk” he said, pulling you into a hug. You cried on his shoulder, and sat like that until Niall walked in. He stood awkwardly, watching you turn to another man for support. You peaked over and could tell he didn’t like it. You two talked, and Harry mediated, and you worked things out. After Harry left, Niall told you seeing you crying to him made him sure he would never let another man be your shoulder to cry on.

Louis: “You are so right Louis. You nailed it. I absolutely did fall asleep last night before we had sex on purpose. I am withholding sex from you because that’s what thrills me” you said, sarcastically, biting an apple. “You don’t have to be so rude about it. And it’s not like you are ever eager to have sex any more” Louis said, glaring at you. “Is this a joke? You were away on tour, then there was a week, and then I got my period. Sorry we didn’t sleep together in that week. Wasn’t a priority for me” you said, nonchalantly walking past him. He shook his head. “You know, I hate talking about things with you. You are so sarcastic and bitter. I am trying to talk about something that’s bugging me, and you are  blowing me off. Eleanor would ne…” Louis stopped, but it was too late. You jerked around so fast you thought you would get whiplash. “Eleanor would never what?!” you screeched. That was a tough spot for you two. Eleanor had been a big deal to Louis for years, and now you were the girl who came after her. The fans compared you two, and it caused rifts between you and Louis. “Nothing” Louis spat, and you shook your head. “Say it. Don’t be a coward” you snapped. “Eleanor would never be so immature! She would understand!” Louis shouted, and knew what he had to do. He threw on his shoes and left. “A big fuck you to you too Louis!” you shouted as he left. You started crying. How could he say that stuff? He’s supposed to love you. You stood, leaning on the counter, crying. You heard a knock on the door, and you jerked your head towards it. “Get lost!” you screamed. “Uh, it’s Zayn” the voice said, and you sighed. You opened the door and Zayn looked confused. “It’s not a good time Zayn, Louis isn’t here” you muttered, but Zayn came in anyways. “Why are you upset?” he asked, and you shook your head. “Louis told me Eleanor was more mature than me and compared us” you said, letting another tear fall. Zayn shook his head, and gave you a hug. “It’s okay, love. Go sit and I’ll make you some tea” he whispered, and you did as you were told. You were sipping your tea, when Louis slipped in the unlocked door. “Y/N, I know sorry isn’t even close to enough right now, but I am. I am so sorry I said what I said” he said, crouching in front of you. You nodded, telling him it was okay. You went to go clean up. “Thanks for looking out for her, mate” Louis said, hugging Zayn as you walked away.

Zayn: You were waiting up for Zayn to get home from the bar, and you were annoyed. He was supposed to be home at one, so you two could cuddle and sleep together. It was 4:22 am now, and you were sitting waiting. Every passing minute made you angrier, until you heard the click of the door. You shot out of bed, and there was Zayn. He wasn’t even very drunk, and that meant he knew what he was doing. Niall followed closely behind, and you assumed he was going to be sleeping at your flat. “You know what, 4:30 am is close to 1 am, good job Zayn” you yelled, watching him walk in. “Oh god, here we go. Y/N is in bitch mode” Zayn said. You weren’t hurt, you weren’t sad. You were angry.  “Forgive me for wanting to spend some time with my boyfriend! I forgot, drinking with ‘your boys’ is far more important than I will ever be” you said sarcastically. “Well one thing’s for sure,” he muttered passing you, “it’s a lot more fun. They don’t piss and moan for hours on end” he said, before shutting your bedroom door. You stood there, frozen, except for the tears that fell. You did try to have fun with Zayn, you didn’t know he felt like that. And it was hard to hear. Niall stood there, as motionless as you, trying to figure out what to do. Suddenly, he was in front of you, pulling you into a hug. He wrapped his arms tightly around you, and you sobbed. “I am fun” you cried, and you felt Niall nod. “Why would he say that?” you asked, and Niall shrugged. “He doesn’t love me” you sighed, and Niall pushed you back a little. “Y/N, he loves you more than anything, and he will feel horrible when he realizes what he did.” “I already do” Zayn said, and you spun around. “Y/N, I didn’t mean what I said. I am so sorry. I love you, you’re incredible. Please, forgive me.” You looked down. You were mad, but you knew he said it out of frustration. “You owe Niall a thank you. If he hadn’t calmed me down, I would be long gone” you said, pushing past him to go to bed. “Thanks man” you heard Zayn say, and the boys hugged before heading into their bedrooms.

Harry: “What are these?!” you shouted, throwing the pictures at him. He looked at them, and you had spent so much time staring at them you could imagine them in your mind. It was Harry and Caroline, drinking at a club. You were furious. I mean, you didn’t care that he was drinking with another girl, but you didn’t like that it was Caroline. She had a silver tongue, and you knew she was a weakness to Harry. “I went to a party and she was there. Relax” he said, looking through the pictures. “Okay sounds good. I’m going to go have a drink with Pat now. How’s that sound?” you snapped. You had taken it to a whole new level. Pat was a guy you had seen briefly while you and Harry had been on a break early on. Nothing ever happened after your first date because you got back with Harry, but it meant Harry would forever hate Pat. You could see the anger in his face. “You know what Y/N, you just don’t get it. Me and Caroline were done for years before we started dating. You’re so stupid sometimes” he blurted out. You nodded and pursed your lips. “I didn’t…” Harry started, but he could see there was no point. You grabbed your purse, and walked out. You walked down the street, and kept on walking. You walked for an hour before you got to an ice cream shop. You went in, and ordered a cone. You looked at your phone, and Harry had called you a dozen times. Then, a new name came up. Liam. You answered it. “Look Liam, if you’re calling for Harry just go away” you said harshly. “Calling for Harry? No, I was calling for your apple crumble recipe. Why would I be calling for Harry?” he asked. You wanted to just lose it. “Can you come to Melt?” you asked, eyeing the name of the shop. “Sure, I’ll be there in a few minutes” he said, and you sighed. Thank god for that boy. About ten minutes later, Liam walked in. Seeing him made you cry, and he rushed over. “What happened?!” he said, looking at you across the table. “Harry called me stupid and he went out for drinks with Caroline. I’m just hurt” you said. Liam reached across and wiped a tear away. “I’m sorry love” he said, rubbing your arm. You heard a ding, and you looked up and saw Harry. He rushed over. “Fans tweeted me saying you were here. Y/N, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to say that. I just love you. I get scared.” You looked at Liam, and he smiled and nodded. “I forgive you” you said, and he smiled. You thanked Liam and bought him left. You made sure to send him the crumble recipe when you walked in the door.

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