he has a dirty dream about you (requested) 

Niall: You were up in the kitchen getting a cup of tea and reading the paper, when Niall walked in. He had just woke up and was in boxers. “Good morning sleepy head” you smiled, taking another sip. He smirked at you and got a bottle of water. “How’d you sleep?” you asked, putting the paper down as he sat across from you. “Much better than expected” he said, smiling. “What?” you asked, confused as to why he was all smiles. “I dreamt about you” he said. “Oh that’s cute” you smiled. “No it wasn’t” he said, smirking again. “You’re being weird.” “I dreamt that you and I were at a movie theatre, but you got bored of the movie and undid my pants and then you cr-“ “T.M.I.” you announced, getting up and going to the washroom. You heard Niall laugh as you shut the door.

Liam: You woke up in the middle of the night and Liam was in the washroom. You decided to wait until he came back to go back to sleep. You didn’t have to wait long, as Liam almost immediately opened the door. “Y/N? Are you awake?” he asked, squinting to see in the dark. “Yeah I am, just woke up. Did you flush?” you asked. “No I didn’t go to the bathroom” he said, looking towards the ground. “What were you doing in there?” you asked curiously as he came towards the bed. “I, uh, had a dream… about you… and I having sex” he said, awkward as ever. You laughed, putting two and two together. “You’re cute, Li” you said, cuddling him before you both went to sleep.

Zayn: Your eyes fluttered open and you were instantly annoyed. Zayn was shaking the bed like you were on a boat in a tsunami. “Zayn knock it off” you growled, going to turn over. “Oh sorry Y/N” he said, voice cracking. Confused you opened your eyes slightly to see what he was doing. Yep, he was doing what you thought he was doing. You wanted to tell him he was gross for doing it when you were in bed with him, but decided to just go to sleep instead. The next morning, you sat up in bed and turned to see it was empty. “Zayn?” you called out, and within a few seconds he was in your room. “Good morning” he smiled, and you gave him a dirty look. “You woke me up last night when you were choking your chicken” you said, glaring. “Sorry, I know, I had a dream about you and I just couldn’t…” You put your hand up and nodded, and rolled out of bed to give him a peck on the cheek.

Louis: You and Louis were napping on the couch. You were resembling cutlery as you both laid peacefully on the sofa. You woke up to Louis panting in your ear. “How relaxing” you said, as you went to get up. Louis had a death grip on you and pulled you in closer. “Lou stop” you said, trying to peel away. After a few minutes of laying there, unamused, he let you loose. You got up and went to the kitchen to enjoy some of the leftovers from dinner. About a half hour later, Louis woke up. “What was your deal? You had me on lock for, like, ten minutes during that nap” you called as he walked in to the kitchen where you were washing your plate. “I was having the best dream” he said, stretching. “About?” “You. Me. Naked.” he said, smirking. “Ew!” you screamed, before he hugged and kissed you.

Harry: You just rolled out of bed and walked into the bathroom, your feet slapping the hardwood floors. Harry was in there, brushing his teeth and fixing his hair. “Good morning my beautiful kitten” he said, smiling sweetly. You looked in the mirror and saw more of a birds nest than a kitten. “What? No comment on all this” you said, pointing to the half bun half explosion of hair on your head. “Not after last night” he smirked. You were getting your clothes off to get in the shower. “What happened last night?” you asked, confused. “You and I had the best sex ever” he sighed. Your face went from half asleep to shocked. “We didn’t even do it last night, Haz” you said, staring at him. “In my dream we did” he chuckled. “Perv” you snipped, getting in the shower. “We have some stuff to try” he said, walking out laughing. “Perv!” you called after him.

a/n: 1. if you catch the ed sheeran reference, instabff. 2. i am saying it here because i dont want to post seperately, BUT I AM UP ALL NIGHT PEOPLE. and i dont jump around until i see the sun. i sit and write. and i get bored. SO IF YOU’RE UP, MESSAGE ME. cause id be stoked to talk to some of you while i write :)