his favorite gif of you — picture preference (requested) 


You were in an interview after just coming out to the press about you and Louis. The interviewer was asking a lot of questions about you two, which you expected. Then, he went to questions people were asking him through twitter. The first one was “u know eleanor was better for him then u right?” You rolled your eyes and flipped your hands. You said “People have opinions, that they’re entitled to, about us. You can’t change their thought process, so I just do what makes me happy. Next question?” The fans liked that you didn’t cause a scene, and it ended up being a gif all over tumblr. Louis saw the interview and liked that you just blew the question off and that you were so sassy, so this became his favorite gif of you.


You were doing a special interview for seventeen magazine. Your sense of style was admired by a lot of younger fans, and they wanted to talk to you about it. And, of course, about dating Niall. Niall was back in England and you had travelled with your best friend to America to do the interview and for a mini vacation. While recording the interview, the interviewer asked you to talk about something funny that you and Niall had done. You weren’t sure what to go with, until your best friend said “when he tried to bake you that birthday cake?” You looked at her and died laughing, telling the story of how Niall ruined your cake and you had to go out at 11 pm and buy another one. The interviewer posted the interview and the gifs from it were almost instant. Niall saw this one and fell in love with how cute your laugh was. 


You were at the teen choice awards, supporting Harry and the boys. They were doing an interview, and you were just standing off to the side. A photographer noticed you and called out “Strike a pose Y/N!” You smiled and all eyes were on you. You turned and posed looking over your shoulder and smiled. It ended up being on TV, and fans loved how confident you looked. They made it a gif and sent it to you. Inside, you showed Harry. “I love it Y/N” he said smiling. It was his favorite gif of you, and your favorite gif of you too. 


You were hanging out while One Direction filmed their new music video. There were behind the scenes camera guys, filming interviews with the guys and other fun things for fans to see. You were laying on a park bench texting when one of the camera guys turned the camera on you. “Y/N” he laughed, and you turned and stuck your tongue out. The put it in the behind the scenes footage, and this scene became a gif on tumblr. Liam loved to see your funny side, so he loved this gif of you.


You were doing a twitcam with friends while on tour with the boys. You were waiting on Zayn to get out of the bathroom, and you were talking about random stuff with fans. Then, you got a message saying they thought you looked so cute. You smiled, kind of embarrassed, and thanked them. You looked so pretty when you smiled, that the fans made it into a gif and sent it to Zayn. When he saw it, he thought you looked beautiful and it was his favorite gif of you. 

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