he hurts you by accident (requested) 

Zayn: “Let’s go Zayn, we have to be on the plane in an hour!” you yell. Zayn was taking his time getting ready and you were annoyed. You had got up early to make sure you were ready, but Zayn slept in and now was going to make you late. He emerges from the bedroom five minutes later, and he’s still in pajama pants. “Seriously Zayn?” you say, pointing at his pajama pants. “Y/N, relax. I am getting ready now” he says as he walks back into your room. You wait another ten minutes and he is ready. “I don’t know how the hell you expect us to get to the airport, check in and get on the plane in forty five minutes, Zayn. The drive alone is at least a half hour” you say, as you grab his suitcase. You had already put yours in the waiting cab. “You nag so much, Y/N” he hisses as he grabs his suitcase. When he grabs the suitcase, he hits your arm hard. You let out a whimper and pull your arm towards you. Zayn immediately looks apologetic, but doesn’t say anything as he pulls his suitcase out. The cab ride is quiet and full of tension. You get to the airport, check in and have to run for the plane. You sit down, put in your headphones and fall asleep. When you woke up, your tray was down. There was a plate with “I’m sorry xoxo” spelled out in peanuts. You look over and see Zayn looking out the window. You take one of the peanuts and throw it at him. He looks over at you and smiles, “Y/N I really am sorry. I did not mean to hurt you at all.” “I know, I’m fine. Sorry I nag so much” you pop one of the peanuts in your mouth. “You don’t, I just didn’t want to be wrong” he said honestly, pulling you in close and kissing your forehead.

Niall: You and Niall were at Nandos. You had just finished dinner, and you were about to leave. You noticed the crowd out front, and got nervous. “Does this place have a backdoor?” you ask innocently, trying to avoid the crowd. “Y/N, I deal with this every day. You can do it once” he says as he pushes past you. “Well then” you whisper, as you follow Niall out. You walk out and meet Niall at the door. He grabs your wrist and pulls you through. His grip is tight and he is not gentle with his pull. You are literally dragged through the crowd. He let you go when you got out of the pack and you walked beside him the way home. When you get inside, he takes off his coat, “Wasn’t so bad, was it?” he smiles. He clearly didn’t understand he had hurt you. You glared at him before taking your shoes off. “Or not? What’s wrong?” “Niall, you grabbed my wrist so tight it’s going to bruise. And then you dragged me through a crowd of people” you said, storming off into your room. You lay in bed and go on Tumblr. You see the pictures of you two leaving the restaurant, and it looks bad. You know Niall is going to probably get trouble for that. It doesn’t make you feel any better. You hear to door creak open and you flip over on your stomach so he can’t see you. He comes and sits on the side of your bed. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I get nervous in the crowd and I’m scared they will say something to you or that they’ll hurt you. I understand if you’re mad, but I’m really sorry.” He sits there, waiting for you to speak. You wrap your arm around his waist and pull him into bed. He hugs you and you feel his tears hit your hair. “I forgive you” you say, muffled by his chest. He pulls you in tighter.

Liam: You and Liam were playing soccer with the boys. You could usually keep up alright, but today you weren’t doing as well. You had the ball and you were dribbling towards the goal. Liam came up and kicked the ball away from you. In doing so, he kicked your leg. It hurt a lot and you sat down to take a look at it. Liam turns around and yells back “You’re not hurt! Lets go!” he says. You went from hurt to angry. You got up and stormed off to your car. You sat inside and cried, watching the bruise form on your calf. You couldn’t believe how unsympathetic Liam had been. You go to start the car and leave, but you hear a tap on your window. Its Liam, and you roll down your window to give him a piece of your mind. “Where are you going? Did you see the goal I just got?” You’re shocked. Is he kidding? “Liam, you kicked me and it made a bruise and you didn’t even apologize. Liam opens the door to see your leg. “Oh god Y/N, I had no idea. I am so so sorry. I feel terrible. Should we go to the doctor or something?” You shook your head, “It’s just a bruise, Liam.” He kneeled down to look up at you “If I had known, I never would have said what I said. I am so sorry.” You smiled, “It’s okay. Just, try and be more careful with me.” “I will,” he promises as he gives you a kiss, “Do you want to go for ice cream?” You nod and he gets in beside you.

Harry: Harry had come home from a night out with friends. He stumbled in after midnight, and you could immediately smell alcohol on him. You stood from the couch and saw him trying to walk over to you. “Hi baby” he slurred, wrapping his arm around you. “Hey Harry,” you say, hugging back, “you should probably head to bed babe, you look tired”. He grabbed your cheeks “You are beautiful, you know. Absolutely lovely.” You smiled. Even though he was drunk, you still took what he said to heart. “Thanks love, let’s get you to bed” you grab his hand. “I don’t want to go to bed” he says and shakes his arm so you let go. He shakes so hard you end up falling. He walks into the kitchen, and you stay on the floor, shocked. You hear him make food then go to bed.  You begin to cry. He didn’t even apologize. You sat up on the couch, pulled the throw blanket over you and went to sleep. The next morning you wake up to Harry making breakfast. “Good morning love” he says to you as you walk by towards the bathroom. You blow him off, continuing to the bathroom. He sticks his head out in the hallway, “I said goodmorning!” he called out. “You pushed me to the ground last night, Harry!” you called back, and you heard footsteps moving towards you quickly. “I did what!?” “I took your arm last night and you shook me off and pushed me to the ground.” “Y/N, I am so sorry.” “Yeah, I’m sure you are but it doesn’t change anything” you spit, as you shut the door in his face. You hear clinking and clanking as you wash your face. You get in the shower, put on your robe and fix your hair before heading out to the kitchen to get a drink. “What’s that?” you ask, pointing at two huge black garbage bags. Harry turns around, surprised to see you. “It’s all my alcohol. I’m throwing it out. If it causes me to hurt you, I don’t want it.” You smiled at the sweet gesture and pull him in for a hug “Just drink in moderation, babe. I don’t want you to throw it out, but you have to be careful when you drink.” He pulls away and smiles, “Absolutely kitten, whatever you say” he says and kisses you.

Louis: You and Louis were play wrestling in the living room. You had started to pin him when he flipped you. He had you pinned, but you leaned up for a kiss and he released a little to bend down and kiss you. Before your lips touched, you flipped over. You loved play fighting with Louis because you loved how close you were. But then Louis took it too far. He swung his arm and hit you in the nose. You reached up to touch your nose and you were bleeding. You took off to the bathroom and Louis chased after you. “Y/N I am so sorry, I got carried away! I didn’t meant to hurt you” he said, gasping for air as he reached the door. You were sobbing and wiping the blood away. He came to you with a towel, an ice pack and a hair tie. He put your hair up in a pony tail and rubbed your back. “I can’t believe I’m such an idiot. Y/N I am so sorry.” You knew it had been an accident, so you told him it was okay. He treated you to dinner and gave you a foot rub that night.

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