he cheats on you when you’re pregnant (requested) 

Harry: You were laying on the couch, rubbing your belly as you watched some of the gossip shows on tv. You watched your belly rise and fall, knowing that you had a beautiful baby inside you. You had spent the whole day on your feet, walking around baby shops with your friend. Your husband Harry was away on tour, but he was due back in two days. You had gotten everything for the baby’s room, and you were just waiting on the painters to come tomorrow. You were having a boy and couldn’t be more excited. As you were lost in thought, you hear the voice from the tv say “Harry Styles out with another woman?” you turn, not believing it but just out of curiosity. You see the pictures of him at the club with a blonde. She didn’t look a day over 18 and, now that you and Harry were in your late 20s, this worried you. You kept watching and there was a video of them leaving together. That couldn’t be photoshopped. You felt tears sting your eyes as you grabbed your phone. There was a text from Harry ‘Hello babe, we need to talk. Call me when you get a chance xx’. “You’re damn right we need to talk” you say as you call Harry. “Hello love” he says in a somber tone, knowing what was coming. Instead of yelling and freaking out, you remain calm. “We had a family, Harold. I am eight months pregnant. You threw it all away for some 18 year old? Why? Why would you do that? To me? To us? To him?” you say, now broken down in tears and rubbing your belly. “I am so sorry Y/N. I know. I fucked up. Bad. I promise you nothing happened. We hung out at the club and she came back to the hotel. But I slept on the couch. I know you have no reason to believe me, but I swear to god it’s the truth.” You were silent. You wanted to believe him, but it still made you mad that he did what he did. “You listen to me Harold. You better do some damage control. Apologize on twitter, talk to fans, whatever it takes. I don’t want to be embarrassed by hearing about this forever. Just clear it up. I need some time. We will talk tomorrow.” “We’re already working on it, Y/N. I am so sorry and I love you so much. Call me when you’re ready to talk.” You hung up the phone and cried, not sure of what else to do.

Liam: You were five months pregnant and planning your and Liam’s move. You were stressed and Liam was not helping much. He seemed to always be gone. Physically and mentally. When he was around, he just was kind of ‘there’. Floating around in a routine that he didn’t seem to enjoy. One evening, he said he had to go out to meet with Niall. He left but forgot his phone, so you texted Niall to tell him to tell Liam not to worry because you had it. ‘How am I supposed to tell him, Y/N? He’s not with me’ you read the text from Niall and your stomach dropped. You went out, got in your car and drove around. You didn’t expect to find Liam, but you stumbled across an Italian restaurant that was surrounded by paparazzi. You took your chances, parked your car and headed into the restaurant. In the back corner you see Liam sitting with Danielle. You stood there, shocked. Danielle noticed you first and when she saw you, she looked ashamed. She tapped Liam, he looked at her and looked to see where she was looking. He made eye contact with you, and you went for the door. You heard Liam stand up and chase after you. You got to your car and Liam tapped on the window. You rolled it down and his mouth runs a mile a minute trying to explain himself. “Enjoy your dinner. See you at home.” you spit as you drove off. He stood there, arms waving. You got home and storm into your living room. You were surrounded by baby stuff and it made it all too real. You began to bawl and sob. As you were about to get up to go change for bed, the door creaked open and Liam sneaked in. You stare at him and he looks shocked to see you. “I thought you’d be in bed” he said, looking at the floor. “I’m going now. You sleep on the couch. Or at Danielle’s, maybe that’s better.” “Y/N, I promise you I never did anything with her. I just felt like, I don’t know, we lost our spark or something” he said, looking at you with puppy dog eyes. That stung more than him being with Danielle. “And you thought cheating on me would make it better?” “I don’t know what I thought, but now I know that I don’t want to be without you. I left the restaurant right away and drove around. I imagined my life without you and I couldn’t stop crying. I need you. I just wish I could have felt this before I met with Danielle. I only met with her twice, I swear. And it was the biggest mistake of my life. I understand if you want me to leave, but I don’t want to lose you” he was sobbing at this point, and you wrapped your arms around him. He cried into your shoulder. “Sweetie, we will get through this. It’s okay. We just need to talk about things if they bother us. We need to work on our communication.” “I will. I will do anything” he said and he looked at you. You gave him a kiss and then took his hand and walked into the bedroom.

Louis: Louis had been gone for the whole night. He didn’t tell you anything. He left to go for dinner with friends and never came home. You called him, you texted him. Nothing. He eventually dragged himself in at 1:30 pm the next day. “Where were you?! You missed my ultrasound appointment this morning, asshole. I had to take a cab.” You were 5 months pregnant and had just found out the sex of your baby. “Whatever, Y/N, don’t be so dramatic”. He walked past you and sat on the couch. He looked like he was hungover, which only frustrated you more. “Dramatic? Really, Louis? You were out drinking last night and never came home. Now you come home and call me dramatic? Where did you even sleep!?” you shouted across the room. “At a friend’s” he says quietly, and you know something’s up. “A friends? Do they have a name?” Louis looked up to you and he had tears in his eyes. “Clarissa” he said. Your jaw dropped. He had been at a girl’s house overnight. “Well, did you sleep on a couch?” asking him. You knew the answer would be yes, but you asked anyways. “No… I slept with her, Y/N” Louis says. You suddenly feel like a fire is brewing in your stomach. You move towards him and he stands up. You beat into his chest, “How could you do that to me!? I sat at home worried about you and you are sleeping with some… some slag?! I am your girlfriend and I am 5 months pregnant with your son and this is how you repay me?!” you stop, tired and fall into the couch. “Son?” he says, with a sympathetic look on his face. “Like you care, Louis. He isn’t Clarissa” you say her name with a sick look on your face. “Y/N, honey, I am so sorry. I know you won’t forgive me now, if ever, but I want you to know I love you and I am so sorry.” You look up at him and tears stream down your face. “I want to forgive you. But I need time. I’m going to our room. I am going to spend the day there, don’t come in. Just, leave me. The ultrasound picture is in there, I will put it outside the door.” You walk away and Louis follows slowly behind you. You slide the picture from under the door, and you hear Louis gasp and slide down the door, crying.

Zayn: Zayn was away on tour, and you missed him terribly. You guys called each other every day, and you had even sent him pictures of your ultrasound last week. You decided that you wanted to surprise him. The boys were in Egypt, and you got on the next flight out there. Because you were only 4 and a half months pregnant, and your pregnancy was going well, your doctor okayed you to fly. You got there, and found out the hotel they were staying at through twitter. You headed over there in a cab and spoke to the lady at the front desk. She knew who you were from pictures and interviews and gave you a card to get into his room. You got there, swiped the card and walked in. The first thing you noticed was a bra on the ground. You assumed it was from a fan until you rounded the corner of the room. Zayn was laying in bed and a woman was getting her pants on. She could have been your identical twin. You picked up the bra and tossed it to her. She looked over at you and recognized you. “Oh my god” she said quietly. “Get your clothes on. The three of us are going to have a chat.” She did so, and you woke up Zayn. “Good morning, Kat, how are you doing this morning?” he said with eyes closed. “Kat, huh?” you say, and his eyes open wide. “Y/N… I…” “Save your breath. What is going on here? And Kat is still here, so don’t bother lying about it. “Look, Y/N” the girl pipes up “I don’t mean any trouble. I didn’t even think about it, he hit on me at a party last night and I went home with him. I am so so sorry.” “Is that true, Zayn?” you ask, staring at him. “Yes.. I am sorry Y/N. I was stupid.” You wave the girl out and then focus on Zayn. “I’m not even mad. I’m hurt. I thought we were handling this separation well, and then I find this when I come to surprise you? Why?” Zayn looks just as hurt as you “I just. I missed you so much. And she reminded me so much of you.” “That’s no excuse, Zayn” you say dryly. He stands and puts his hand on your arm. You shrug him off. “Babe, please. I made a mistake.” You roll your eyes. “We need to work our way through this. I am hurt Zayn. But I don’t want to give up because I want to have a family for our child. I need to build my trust in you again.” “But you’ll stay with me?” he asks, his face looking hopeful. “Yes. But you need to make this up to me, Zayn.” He pull you in for a hug and whispers thank yous in your ear.

Niall: Niall was home in Mullingar. You couldn’t go with him, because you were 8 and a half months pregnant and your doctor didn’t want you flying. Instead, you spent the time relaxing and getting ready for your baby boy to come. While you were putting up a pregnancy picture of you and Niall in the nursery, you get a phone call. It’s from your friend Y/F/N. She had become obsessed with One Direction and followed all the blogs about them. You answered your phone and before you could even ask her what was up, she was talking. “Y/N I was just looking through some 1D blogs and I saw some pictures of Niall and he was with another girl. And I know it was recent because he was wearing that collared shirt you got him for your anniversary last month. They were kissing and you should check it out. I texted you the link and a screenshot of one of the pictures.” Your heart dropped and you were silent. “I am so sorry Y/N, but I figured it would be better if you heard it from me.” You thanked her for the heads up and hung up. You saw the text from her, and you weren’t sure if you wanted to open the link. It would change everything. But you needed to know. You clicked the link on your phone and it opened. There were dozens of pictures of Niall and a beautiful brunette. There were pictures of them swimming then them out at dinner where he was cuddling her and kissed her a few times on the cheek. You were furious, and your rage took over. You called Niall and he picked up on the first ring “Hey babe, how are you?” “Babe? Did you call that other girl babe too?” you say harshly. He’s quiet. “I’ve seen the pictures. I know you were with that girl last night.” There was more silence and then, finally, he spoke “I fucked up” he simply said. You rolled your eyes you’re surprised they didn’t roll out, “Yeah, you think?” “Y/N, I am so sorry. I don’t even know what to say. I’m so pissed at myself. I don’t know why I do the shit I do. I was dumb and I shouldn’t have been with her.” “Yep. You’re right Niall. You shouldn’t have been.” “I am coming home, I’m going to catch the first flight.” “You have no home to come to…” you say and you hang up. You turn your phone on silent and turn on music. You listen to music for an hour and then More Than This comes on. You can’t hold back and you begin to cry. You get your phone to call Niall back. 14 missed call and 6 texts from him were waiting for you. You called him and he picked up immediately. “Babe, please listen. I am so sorry.” “We will work this out, but we need this time apart. Don’t come home early. Enjoy the next three days. When you come home, we can talk more about this.” You hung up and laid on your bed, rubbing your tummy and crying. 

A/N: i found this super repetitive because i didnt want the couples to break up. anyways, i hope you like it. i’d love some feedback, so holla!

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