nederlanseballen asked: Thanks for answering! Another question, so I'm new to liking One Direction - and I've become obsessed, so I was wondering how you know they love their gay fans as much as straight? Like is there any proof? Anything they've said or? :)

you know who i should send you to on this one? she is far more involved in this than i am. so yeah, i’m phoning a friend. 

Anonymous asked: Thanks for keeping up this blog for so long (: It's my favorite! And I think you should leave this blog. People have been jerks to you, and if you've grown out of it then do what YOU want because it doesn't matter what we want (: Do what's best for you.

thank you very much



you maddy :))))


Anonymous asked: ur replies seem so sad :(

i am sad. i used to love doing this, now i hate it. partially because i’ve grown out of it, but i’ve been over this for months now. i still kept up with posting and shit because i loved you guys. now i just feel like its a slap in the face, because some people are so unkind. 

Anonymous asked: If you leave this blog..wich I reaaaalllyy want you to NOT do.. Please could you leave all the content on? As much as it's worth I think your an amazing writer and I love your work tons! And just REMEBER, for every one bad comment, there are hundreds of positive ones. You are beautiful,and amazing at what you do, and all the haters out there are a load of heartless fucking idiots❤️❤️Stay strong👍we love you!xx

i will leave the content up. i just wont post. thank you for your kind words, i appreciate it. 

nederlanseballen asked: I know this happened a while ago and im late but I just wanted to say that I was hurt by what Liam said simply because im gay and I look up to him. But could you help me figure something out: are the members from 1d homophobic?

in my opinion, no. in fact, I don’t think any of them are homophobic. I think Louis, Harry, Zayn and Niall have made that clear so I’m going to assume you’re seeking my opinion on Liam. I think Liam made a mistake yesterday. I think he tweeted what he did without thinking of the interpretation. He was careless and that’s what’s caused this. But I don’t think any of the boys are homophobic and they love their gay fans as much as their straight fans :)

Anonymous asked: People need to realize that not everyone was happy about Liam's tweet to Willie Robertson. Half of the fandom saw it one way, the other half saw it a different way. There's no sense in fighting over it or sending people hate about it. Fandoms are supposed to get along. Not send each other hate. People need to leave you alone. I swear. Have a good day babe!!

thank you. I agree with you 100%

uttertomfoolery asked: i'm so sorry that everything that's happened in this fandom has made you decide to stop posting on here any more :( i completely understand, though, and support your decision! i'm gonna miss you a lot! much love angelface, i really loved having you around xxx

I will miss you too. If you message me on here, I can give you my personal and we can keep up through there! If not, i really appreciated how sweet you’ve been to me. You, more than anyone, have been there with words of encouragement in tough times. I appreciate that.

Anonymous asked: STAY RAD BBY

you too

Anonymous asked: you're the besttttt im sorry about what happened last night, ily!

ily too. thanks for the support.

Anonymous asked: I hope you have an awesome day! Don't let dumb people on here bother you! I love you and loads of other people love you and you're too awesome to be worried about a couple of dumb people in this fandom

thank you

Anonymous asked: you're the best maddy you're so cool and funny and I'm sorry some people on here are too immature to handle your opinions

it’s unfortunate that discussions can’t be held without attacks like the 24 hour long onslaught I got yesterday. like I said, the words of people too naive to even try to read into another’s opinion doesn’t bother me. my mom always told me you can’t complain about a situation unless you work to change it. this is me working to change it.

Anonymous asked: we love you maddy xxxxxxx

You too, thanks 



anyways guys im not gonna do that all day again i think ive made my point and actually this has really confirmed my decision that this fandom is no longer what it was and what i was introduced to. its different now, people are so much more hateful. when I started this blog having discussions about…

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celtysturlusonisaqueen asked: still not sure exactly what happened bc all i saw was liam's tweets but he specifically said values and it's popular knowledge that the guy is homophobic and such, he should've chosen his words better if he didn't mean it that way. the fandom should realize he isn't a perfect angel and can make mistakes/ but yeah i agree with you 100%

Thank you